Noninvasive Surface EMG


Noninvasive Surface EMG

sEMG Scan

We experience life through our nervous system. Simply put, if our nervous system right isn’t functioning properly, we don’t function properly. And when we don’t function properly, we’re not healthy!

We use technology to measure the condition of your nervous system. It’s a non-invasive procedure called a surface EMG.

Stethoscope for the Spine

The same part of your nervous system that controls your internal organs regulates the temperature of your skin. Our instrument measures differences as small as a tenth of a degree!

Nervous system compromise causes muscles along the spine to exhibit unusual electrical activity. Our equipment can detect differences as small as a millionth of a volt.

Your Nervous System Scan

After gowning, we’ll have you sit still for a moment or two. Then, starting at the base of your skull, we’ll run two probes down your back. Think of these as radio antennas listening for a distant station. That’s it. The computer does the rest!

You’ll see the computerized printout and learn what it means. Because your care is based on the condition of your nervous system, not how you feel, this technology is the focal point of our practice.

Your Nervous System Scan


Each color represents a different amount of nervous system disturbance.