Sciatica is a bothersome affliction that has a person feeling pain from their lower back down one or both legs. If a person has to sit or stand for long periods of time, it just aggravates the sciatic nerve pain. Generally, with sciatica, spinal discs are bulging and therefore interfering with nerves and while the pain is mostly associated “down the leg,” it typically emanates from a problem in the lower back.

There’s Hope

Those with sciatica are looking for relief and thankfully there is hope thanks to chiropractic adjustments.

Have a chiropractor from our office examine your body’s condition and if they think they can help, they will! If it’s not something he or she can help with, expect a referral to someone else who can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, sciatica results from years of cumulative damage to the body. A number of factors influence its development. For example, those who are overweight, have poor muscle tone and chronic bad posture are likely to experience sciatica. It can also be the result of trauma from experiences such as a car crash or sports injury. Even aging (complete with bone spurs developing) can be a culprit– as the spine decays over time, sciatica can be a nuisance.
While chiropractic care doesn’t “cure” things, it does help your body heal itself. So, with a chiropractor’s help, you can expect your spine to work better and therefore reduce nerve irritation. In the end, chiropractic care helps lessen the pain of sciatica.
After a series of regular visits you can expect to feel relief. People differ in their healing times, but most feel results within weeks or months of care. Furthermore, some people come for “maintenance” check ups even long after the pain is gone, just to feel reassured they’re doing what’s needed to avoid future bouts with sciatica.
Most people do not remember experiencing trauma that leads to sciatica, and that’s okay. Usually it’s an accumulation of various incidents and stressors over the years that leads to the development of sciatic pain.