Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

Your head weighs roughly 12 pounds and it balances on top of your body all day long. Now imagine how many times you move your head forward to look at your smartphone or a screen. Is it any wonder so many people have neck problems these days?

Your neck and shoulders work hard for you and when any of the bones supporting your neck are out of place, or you’ve got strained muscles/tissues, you’ve got… neck pain. It can hurt to even turn your head!

Minor and Major

Chiropractors see people with both minor and major neck pain issues. Maybe you’ve got a neck that feels stiff or sore– that’s minor. Or maybe you’ve got chronic, long-lasting neck pain that won’t go away, or you got whiplash in a car crash or experienced some other neck injury– that’s major.

Response to Stress

Think about how long you hold your head in an odd, fixed position sometimes, without moving it. That puts stress on your neck and can cause pain. Indeed, all sorts of stress, whether physical, emotional or even chemical stress, can negatively affect your neck. Stress often “shows up” in the neck.

Do you live a stressful lifestyle? Do you find yourself fearful, angry or frustrated often? If so, you might be tightening your neck muscles and causing them to spasm. While you might take pills, and the pain is dulled, you’ve still got issues that could use correction by a chiropractor.

Visit the Chiropractor

Neck pain is very common, and when you need neck pain relief you should visit a chiropractor. Besides low back pain, neck pain is the next major reason people visit us! Best of all, you can feel better without drugs. Chiropractic care is safe, natural and effective.

At Circle Chiropractic we’re ready to make that “pain in the neck” go away.

Call or email us with any questions you might have. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to see if chiropractic care is right for you.