If you’re reading this, you’re pregnant, you’re planning on becoming pregnant or you know someone who is pregnant. Congrats! Pregnancy is challenging and it can cause the body’s nervous system to experience some issues that can be corrected with chiropractic care so the pregnant person feels better. There are four stages to pregnancy, discussed briefly below…


Are you ready for your body to be pregnant? Proper chiropractic care can help get your body ready to carry a baby in a healthy way.


While pregnant, the body changes– a lot. Things get “out of whack” and a chiropractor helps get things put back in the right place, thus reducing or eliminating pregnancy pain. This is done without drugs. It’s a natural way to feel better.

Labor and Birth

Birthing a child is a lot of work for the body. Chiropractic care can help the hips and spine be in proper position so that labor (and birth) is less complicated or painful.

After Birth

Parents and newborns can all benefit from chiropractic care. If and when there’s an issue with breastfeeding, for instance, and the baby seems uncomfortable turning its head to one side, a chiropractor can help with that issue. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for people of all ages– even newborns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thankfully, no. While some parents worry a chiropractor will hurt the baby with any adjustments done, keep in mind that a chiropractor is a trained medical professional. He or she approaches each person with the utmost care, keeping in mind their age, size, shape, etc. A chiropractor can safely work on a baby without fear of the baby getting hurt.
No. Your spine may have muscles and/or ligaments that need to heal because they’ve become weak. With that in mind, the chiropractor knows to only adjust spinal joints that have become tightly “locked up.” So, no, adjustments don’t make the spine too loose.
Chiropractors believe the body can naturally heal itself. A chiropractor’s role is to facilitate that healing with hands-on adjustments to the body in areas where needed. It’s kind of like “kick starting” the body to do what it needs to do in order for a person to feel better. Therefore, a pregnant person can benefit from chiropractic care if/when they feel in pain. Best of all, it’s a drug free approach to pain relief.
You don’t actually need the approval of a medical doctor to seek chiropractic care, but they are welcome to give their opinion. See what they say and then make a wise decision on your own.
During pregnancy, expect the spine to endure the kind of stress it’s not exactly used to during everyday non-pregnant life. Think of the weight gain, hormonal changes and other issues going on– your spine has to deal with a lot of changes and therefore it makes sense to have a chiropractor to check in with– he or she can adjust your spine as needed in order to better position the baby for birth as well as to make you feel pain relief.