So many people get headaches. They’re extremely common, but that doesn’t mean they’re normal. Thankfully, chiropractic care can help get rid of your headache problems.

Pills For Headaches?

Most people take a pill to relieve their headache pain. Is there an alternative to pills? Yes– chiropractic care takes a natural approach to headache relief.

Hidden Cause

Could your headache pain be caused by spinal bones in the neck? Yes. Think of how you hold your head forward when looking at a computer or smartphone screen. You’re putting strain on your neck, which, in turn, is negatively affecting all sorts of things including your nerves and muscles. So, could neck issues lead to headache issues? There is a connection, and a chiropractor will help you determine what’s going on.

Compensation Reaction

Can headaches be related to problems with your lower back? Yes, they can. You see, when you’ve got back problems, you probably have posture issues. Your spine ends up compensating in such a way that you get headaches because your head is off center. This is a compensation reaction. Give us a call. We can work with you to adjust your back, neck and other parts of the body that could be causing your problematic headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

The spine is like your body’s superhighway of information. It’s connected to other parts of the body such as the brain. While a problem in your spine could be the source of headaches, it turns out there are plenty of other reasons your head hurts! Emotional stress, digestive issues, chemical toxins and physical trauma are just a few other sources of headaches. Ideally, a chiropractor can help figure out what is causing your particular headaches.
Subluxations are when you have incomplete/dislocated joints or organs. They’re caused by things like improper lifting, falling down unexpectedly, repetitive motions and even things like too much stress or anger as well as alcohol/drug abuse.
Most doctors just want to give you a pill to temporarily relieve symptoms of pain. Chiropractors, on the other hand, want to find subluxations and make hands-on adjustments so that your body naturally heals itself. This sort of approach works well for many things, including headache relief.
Everyone responds differently. For some, a visit or two can relieve their headache issues, while it might take several weeks or months of visits for others. Chronic headaches often require several visits to get results since the body is so used to being in pain.
We want to help you feel better. If our services don’t do the job, then we will recommend other experts to help you get headache relief.
For years, chiropractors haven’t been taken too seriously by medical doctors. That said, in recent times, attitudes are changing and more and more medical doctors are seeing that chiropractic care is a valid alternative when it comes to natural health care options.