Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That pain you feel in your wrist? It’s probably carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by repetitive motions such as typing all day at a computer desk. With carpal tunnel syndrome, your range of motion and function is reduced, to the point where it hurts to move your wrist like you used to– and that’s no good.

The Tunnel

What is the carpal tunnel? It’s an area in your wrist made up of ligaments and small bones. This “tunnel,” when it isn’t working properly, can cause you terrible wrist pain thanks to compressed nerves.

The Spine

Could your wrist pain be connected to a problem with/in your spine? Yes! It could also be related to issues with joints in your neck, shoulder(s) and/or elbows. Remember, things in your body are connected through the nervous system. Therefore, a chiropractor might work on adjusting your spine (and wrist) in order to relieve your carpal tunnel pain.

Other Extremities

Chiropractic care is associated with back pain relief, but it actually works well to relieve pain in other parts of the body as well– even the wrist.

Chiropractic First

Before you go having wrist surgery, choose chiropractic care first. See how your wrist pain reduces, naturally, thanks to a chiropractor’s hands-on approach to pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bone spurs haven’t been properly studied. That said, chiropractic care helps restore joint function, so if you do have bone spurs and you want to slow down the degenerative process, chiropractic care can help accomplish that.
There aren’t enough studies, but what has been discovered is that cracking your knuckles probably does not damage joints in your hands. Should you keep on cracking your knuckles? Ideally no, since you might be overextending loose knuckle joints.
While a wrist brace helps keep the wrist in a fixed position, protecting it from odd movements, the brace itself doesn’t affect the joints inside the wrist. When you visit a chiropractor for wrist pain, they deal with the joints, muscles and tissues in such a way that you probably won’t even need to wear a brace.