The Thompson Technique

The Thompson Terminal Technique utilizes high-velocity, low amplitude and low-force procedures on a drop table in order to adjust a person’s spine.

The Thompson Technique

A System of Analysis

Interestingly, a chiropractor can tell if there’s a spinal misalignment by checking a person’s leg length(s). If they’re equal, the spine’s aligned properly. If not, the special drop table can be used to adjust the spine to restore it to its proper position.

Terminal Point Table

Chiropractors use what’s known as a “drop table” to perform adjustments using the Thompson Technique. Segments of this table can be “dropped” when needed so that the chiropractor can administer a thrust to a certain segment of a patient’s spine. The way the table is structured allows energy to be controlled such that the thrust is properly applied to adjust the spine.

A Precise Approach

This technique is unique and has been popular for many decades. It was first introduced in the 1950s and has since gone on to become ubiquitous at chiropractors’ offices around the world because it gets results!

Frequently Asked Questions

With this technique, the chiropractor checks the length of your leg(s) and also conducts adjustment procedures.
Yes, this technique works well for young and old alike because it’s comfortable and can adapt to a person’s body weight. So, it’s actually a gentle (and effective) way to get results no matter what age.
Yes, the Thompson Technique can be safely used in conjunction with other techniques– it’s fairly common to do so.

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