Diversified Technique

One of the most common chiropractic techniques used today is the Diversified technique. It involves a chiropractor using their hands on a patient in order to manually adjust spinal bones (vertebrae) back into the position(s) where they belong. At Circle Chiropractic, this technique helps a lot of people get back to the lifestyle they’ve been missing, where they can move more freely and feel better rather than be in chronic pain.

Diversified Technique

What to Expect

A chiropractor examines your spine and may ask about your medical history. X-rays may be taken of your spine to show the chiropractor a better view of what’s going on. Then, expect the chiropractor to use his or her hands on you in order to move things around internally such that you feel better!

Typically, with the Diversified approach, the chiropractor finds a “problem area” and then uses manual thrusts to adjust abnormalities. Thanks to years of experience, the chiropractor knows the kind of speed, depth, direction and angle to use so you get good results. If you hear a popping sound, don’t worry– that’s just gas and fluids shifting in your joints.

What are the Benefits?

You might not even realize your range of motion has been reduced and your nerves have been experiencing interference. However, chiropractic care helps adjust your spine in such a way that it restores proper range of motion and helps you move your various body parts more easily, eliminating pains and aches!

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