Did you know it is recommended to consume under 100 calories of added sugar per day for women and just 150 calories of added sugar for men? Yet most of us are consuming far more than this—in fact—it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it’s easy to consume triple this or more! And every day around the globe, people do exactly that.

If you find yourself dealing with mood swings, weight problems and feeling sluggish, too much sugar could be to blame.

One thing to consider trying is a sugar detox.

After One Hour

One hour after a sugary snack, the initial “sugar rush” should start to wear off and you’ll find yourself more energized, but you might have the urge to reach for a sweet or processed snack.

After Three Days

If your diet before quitting added sugar was primarily dependent on sweetened sodas, juices and other processed snacks, you may still be feeling some moderate side effects as your body continues to detox. However, you should begin to feel less sluggish and may even find that your energy levels are increasing.

After One Month

Congratulations! You’ve made it one month without added sugar—you should be proud. By now, you’re probably feeling healthier than you had before. You’re likely finding cravings for sweets have subsided or are very limited. At this point, some people even notice they may begin craving protein or vegetables instead.

After One Year

After a full year without added sugar, your body should be adjusted to functioning on essential nutrients, so long as you’ve replaced sugar with healthy options! It should be no surprise that you might be feeling better than you have in years, and you may have even lost weight.

While giving up sugar completely isn’t for everyone, it’s important to at least monitor your intake. Looking for other nutritional tips? Ask us at your next appointment.